Boch Fundraiser for Trump (8-31-15)

The news you need to live from the newsroom it's the morning show on the voice of Boston WRKO. It's nine. I'm seeing that the yard field Morning show and the party of this century happened this weekend and Ernie thoughts mansion in it. Norwood it was on Friday night. Donald Trump and his supporters paying a hundred dollars a head. Obviously. Technically we're supposed to pay a hundred dollars ahead we're out their parting with Donald does he was there about an hour. In gurneys mention a good time was had by all right now we're joined the phone lines by. Peg heroes or he barks PR person Peggy thanks for joining us and we were happy with a what transpired on Friday night. Well I got my head is still spinning from this event it was over the top the place to. It was great. They take us through really you're you can take us behind the tent if you will so. How did it all play out I talked to or reporter pals who said hey. They needed to be on the ground in Norwood at 4 o'clock but schedules kind of like at that as a living else got pushed back. Donald Trump didn't get ended Norwood at 7 o'clock tickets through the afternoon in the evening in really what was the vibe inside that tent. And let us know both how Ernie and dollop responded to that evening. Media check in begin its form. I had media so that three guests arrive deep into the doors was such openness that I'd say get too old and starting at five. We have lines of people we have protesters. Mr. trump arrived in new would have gladly Kelly had a couple hundred fans and supporters with signs cheering. We have. Massive security. And ordered police department did a great job getting mr. trump and entourage from the airport into the party. He was actually there about two hours that buzz word incredible excitement. Everybody was just so delighted to meet him he has to chocolate so accommodating. Taking itself is then people. I had media outlets I credentialed over a hundred media outlets which was a lot but that's. And I had outlets. Beijing Monday that guard in the UK which is the number one news outlet in the world of online and in print. It was over the top. And that you anyway. How did this all come together what's the relationship with Donald Trump and hernia and how this all did come together quickly. It did it I believe heard an earnings out of country and alleged plot to but he he actually left just Japan business strip. He told me you're watching the news than one negative partner Tiffany I would love. To meet him and have an event for him in my backyard of which we have a charming and lovely backyard. And we contacted the campaign and within a day we had a date. Was there some traditions use Vito was or some trepidation on your partner's part about anywhere limit I have trop in my house that means that night. Definitely have to support and deserve to feel pressured to support him. Another. It was an honor to have. Mr. trump for the evening with a great great night. What was your biggest takeaways the evening and questions or comments that he had for the of those in attendance. Or how he felt he. Love and the crowd was so energized we thought we get health 500 people and then we just started getting so many phone calls from. The general public with the most compelling. And an amazing stories about why. You know they would. Do anything to get into the night so we actually started a waiting list because we knew we had a large capacity to host more people. And we duplicate that say it another couple hundred people and one man calmly at 8:30 in the morning a week ago from New Jersey. And he just sounded so. In mr. trump and his son from Connecticut with two rise and the city please come to the party. And it's so funny at the end of an edit on this eighty trailed man with a make America great hats sitting. By the suvs he didn't even make it into the tent it was so crowded. And I just said oh my god that was being hammock said he mr. Fiore from major you know why he started we big. He was calling me guardian angels there letting him be at the party. And and we get a handwritten letter he had a saint Benedict the metal with Andy asked me if I would give it to mr. trump. To keep them safe and I promised that it was in he actually met him but suvs before eight laps. And I gave it to him. Mr. trump the letter in the metal before I got on the plane back to New York. They want less question here from a PR standpoint I was you know this does is very well but Donald Trump must have appreciated the blue a state of the nation. Hosting. A fund raiser gathering for Donald Trump in the heart of Massachusetts. I would say he was extremely delighted with everything I mean they had helicopters operating. He and it went live with Ernie at 9 o'clock across the globe it was it was over the top it was an amazing night. Thank you rose if Hillary Clinton calls you tomorrow and says what about me I wanna come. Very box house for a fund raiser what you teller. My house. Do you think Ernie would say yes I can't speak for him. Can. Peggy what was your vibe of some of the assembly guess obviously you Ernie you have some friends in high places and obviously this is. Part of Donald is a spectacle at the end of the day people don't know what to think there are a lot of people that support him. Passionately but what are your fueling the U golfers on the gas maybe some of that that kind of a media celebrity members kind of let the Lenny Clarke types what do they get. For Donald Trump. I actually ran into when he cracked briefly by the stage before mr. Trump's speech and as it just typed five maybe he was so happy to be there. Everybody was honored actually to be in his presence there was he's got charisma he's powerful he is definitive. I think he's got what it takes to go. To the next level. That when people over it thank you think I did that. Wait a crack even the media and the media tent which hearing at his answer it's. Leave Tom Brady alone. You know talking that it has struck her and anything he said that I've never been so immediate that and you know I like to hit it and I'm a longtime publicist the media don't share. You know they would cheering him. He certainly knows how to play the crowd that's for assurances. I think he's here to stick it to the thanks so much for joining us thank you have a great. Pick hero's journey box PR person journeys out of the country in would have been nice to here is post mortem on this but I'm sure it was thrilled that mean to sound like agree part of how we. I know we got this across on Friday we talked to Ernie but in all honesty I mean us being from New England if you're throwing a party and you have a higher standard higher speaker what it may be. Besides Tom Brady and met what for you Mir may be as Bruce Graham and it is blue slip is there are any bigger person. Not the moment there's no wider bright light right now Alvis and Donald Trump flies and lands at the Norwood airport at a party and Ernie Boch show mostly who's making this up. You couldn't make it up it's it's right out of Hollywood. The Nazis he's a continuing. Passion plays a continuing reality show you conflicts since Sid Yates that comparison but that's what it. I grew up in this in this in that area I have family that lives in Norway that's kind of where they've gone after they left Westwood and the people around Norwood were just fascinated that he was there they were excited either not people that would typically it's supported trump right but he is rejuvenated a lot of people he's got Pete he's drawn people back into the political process that you and if you've got people talking about the politics that's a good thing you know there's nothing worse than. A lethargic. Popular we talked about the last two monsters and we've been on here would we be talking all about the sixteen Republican Kim English sides don't Toronto. No not at all I mean a little bit you know we obviously Mets in the debates yeah yeah yeah out of but trump has taken over bush is useless. He dropped an appalling and you know and trump continues to gain speed. A true that people in his campaign that they'll want that speed because. You know the old political saying you know peaking too soon is active in politics because you can fade just as quickly to present some interest in things to say yesterday and natural may be given that. A little bit later on but this is the WRKO Morning show it's a 28.