Where our clients shine a light back on us.

“I trust Peggy Rose. We have been together for 15 years and not just as great friends, but as my go to PR Gal. Peggy’s ideas are truly magnificent. Peggy and I have a NatGeo global story to announce in Spring 2016. The best is yet to be.”

Ernie Boch, Jr.
CEO & President, Subaru of NE

“Working with Peggy has been nothing short of a wild ride! Her contacts, knowledge of her industry and her genuine enthusiasm for our business has been amazing. I'm grateful that Wicked Good Cupcakes has had the opportunity to work with such a fun and dedicated PR whiz! Peggy, you're Wicked Awesome!”

Tracey Noonan
Co-founder and CEO, Wicked Good Cupcakes

“What I most admire about Peggy is her out of the box approach to obtaining opportunities for visibility for my company.”

Bruce Mittman
President & CEO, Mittcom Advertising Agency

“Peggy is unstoppable. Within weeks of our first brainstorm session she had me splashed across the Boston Globe Living section. Weeks after that, I had a book deal, and two of my books shot to the top ten on the New York Times Bestseller list.”

Peter H. Reynolds, L. H. D.
NY Times Bestselling Author

“Peggy Rose is one in a million. She represents my companies, Lord's and Lady's, Green Tangerine, James Joseph, Corbu at the Charles Hotel, and Belgrade Place. What a great asset she has been to my company”

Mike Barsamian
The Barsamian Group

“I've known Peggy for many years. She never ceases to amaze me with her tenacious energy, expertise and creativity. She's been paramount in catapulting Barrett's Haunted Mansion to new heights and is continually working with my team on new PR stories for our restaurant company.”

Mary Barrett Costello
Barrett Restaurant Group

“Peggy Rose is a true force of nature. The level of energy and passion she brings to each project, grand or small, is simply unmatched. Our business would not have flourished as it has without her support and collaborative spirit.”

Karl Stier
Owner, Watershed Media

“I never imaged one phone call would lead to global press: Donald Trump, Ernie Boch Jr., all historic paintings. That's what you get when you deal with Peggy.”

Giovanni DeCunto

“PR's publicity had a significant impact on opening our new restaurant business. She's smart, creative, incredibly persistent and is tireless in her pursuit of an interesting story angle. Peggy is a one woman PR SWAT team.”

Eleanor Greene
West on Centre